UPCOMING CLASSES: May to June 2019



LOCATION:  392 Spadina Avenue Second Floor, Toronto Ontario

DATES:  TUESDAYS 7 – 10 pm May 14 – June 25 2019 (seven weeks)

FEES:  $360 + HST (Payment accepted by cash, cheque, interac/email transfer or PayPal (There will be a fee for NSF cheques). Payment is due by the end of the first class.

Because class space is limited, if you find that your schedule/plans change and you are unable to attend the class, please let us know as soon as possible so that another student can attend.

MATERIALS:  bring what you need for taking notes; laptop, paper, pencils, pens, etc.

(How To Write) Commercial and Genre Fiction is a master class on practical writing. Students will learn the standard applications of tropes and genres, the rules of pacing and scene work, the secrets of world building, character bibles, supporting casts, sub-plots, comedy writing, ongoing series and much more.

Like all our workshops, we’ll be creating scripts and stories in class under a deadline. This time around, we’ll expect a complete short story about half way through, and by week seven students be pitching their own original series or graphic novel to the group. Bring your brains, and have no fear.

You’ll need something to write on, paper or laptops, whatever you prefer to use, as long as you can make it legible to fellow students.

* * * * * * *

(previously known as “Layout for Comics” and “Pencilling the Page”)

DATES: WEDNESDAYS 7 – 10pm, May 15 – June 26 2019 (seven weeks)

FEES:  $360 + HST (Payment accepted by cash, cheque, interac/email transfer or PayPal (There will be a fee for NSF cheques). Payment is due by the end of the first class.

REGISTRATION/INQUIRIES:  email comicbookbootcamp@gmail.com, or call us at 905-822-2961 to book a space, and to make payment arrangements. Please note that spaces are limited for each class; registration is on a first-come first-reserved basis.

PREREQUISITES:  none, although some knowledge/experience of drawing would be helpful.

MATERIALS:  Bring paper or a sketchbook, pencils and erasers. If you prefer to use a laptop for notes, bring that. 

This is the fundamental how-to course for creating comic art – from blank paper to finished page, through thumbnail sketches, layouts and pencils, this is everything you need to know about how stories are told visually, and how to make great pages come to life.

After seven weeks, the students will understand the rules of panel to panel flow, information streams, page design, close-ups, establishing shots and action panels (and when to use them), character turnarounds, story bibles and so much more! From knife fights aboard an exploding helicopter to romantic conversations over the breakfast table, a step-by-step approach to the how and why of page composition is explored in depth.

A personal guarantee: Artist’s block will become a thing of the past.

Drawing skills are helpful, but NOT REQUIRED for this layout and penciling course. Anyone can learn to tell stories visually, and comic writers are especially encouraged to take this workshop, so that they’ll understand the more visual aspects of this medium.

Bring plenty of paper, pencils and erasers. I will supply some of the layout paper.