Taking my classes won’t guarantee you professional work–my aim is to inspire you to write and draw to the best of your abilities. But–I certainly won’t stop anyone from working as a real live professional comics creator or writer!

Here’s a list of some of the alumni of those various writing, drawing and Comic Book Bootcamp courses. Some I taught as part of the curriculum at a trade school, some of them came into my evening classes already working professionally (not necessarily in comics) but wanting to improve their skills. Some of them came in and worked and worked until they became professional. Some are enjoying working on their own webcomics. There are a few examples of their work by their name–these are far from detailed and complete listings.

Adira Rotstein (author, Little Jane Silver)

“[Ty is] an excellent teacher who really understands story and is so enthusiastic with his praise for students.”


Daniel Wong (comic book artist, Celtic ShamanHeroes of the North, Holmes Inc. #2)

“Class after class, I was totally blown away by how much knowledge Ty imparted.  Not only did he cover every aspect of comic creation, he did it with such a great teaching style that it was easy to learn and put them into practice.”


Gibson Quarter (comic book artist, Wasted Magazine, FutureQuake Magazine, Undertow, Holmes Inc. #1 and #2, Heroes of the North)

Adam Gorham (comic book artist,  Teuton, Holmes Inc. #1, Dead Drop (Valiant), The Violent (Image Comics) )

David Cutler (comic book artist, The Northern Guard, Heroes of the North, Zombies vs. Cheerleaders)

Christopher Yao (comic book artist, Fauntkin, Holmes Inc. #1, #2 and #3, Tights and Fights:  Ashes, The Adventures of Y Guy)

Chris McQuaid (comic book writer, Celtic Shaman)

     “Ty quickly identified each student’s strengths and weaknesses and was able to make us all feel right at home. By providing the right amount of support in our weaker areas and challenging us where we felt stronger, he made sure that each student got the most out of the experience.”


Rob Pincombe (television writer, Kid vs. Kat, Stella and Sam, Atomic Betty)

Eden Bachelder (artist, various gallery shows and exhibits, Holmes Inc. #1,)

Dino Caruso (comic book writer, Dr. Twilight–The Crossing, Holmes Inc. #2, Sky Watcher)

“Ty’s writing class was a genuine eye-opener. I still go back and re-read those notes quite frequently, and I’m always impressed at the depth of understanding he has on theories of writing and storytelling. In my day job I’m a teacher, and I was able to appreciate how well-structured and clearly communicated his classes were. All of the students were fully engaged in the proceedings and we all had ample opportunity to contribute to the conversation and receive feedback on our work.”

Sam Ruano (story editor, television writer, Little Mosque on the Prairie)

“I have the film production degree. I’ve taken writing courses up the ying-yang, and I’m a Canadian Film Centre grad but I HAVE NEVER HAD A BETTER INSTRUCTOR on ANY subject than Ty Templeton. I could not endorse him or his teaching more.”


Adam Barken (televison writer, Rookie Blue, Flashpoint)

Marcio Takara (comic book artist, Marvel Adventures Super Heroes, The Incredibles, Incorruptible, Blue Beetle)

 “Ty is amazing. I learned SO much with him. what              a guy.”


Keith Grachow (comic book artist, digital painter, illustrator, Disney’s The Princess and The Frog, Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, Concrete Martian)

T.K. Labus (storyboard artist for animation, background painter, illustrator, Ugly Americans, Penguin Books’s Children’s Myths & Legends, Outlaw In-Laws)

Sarafin (webcomic/comic book artist/writer, Asylum Squad)

Meaghan Carter (webcomic/comic book artist/writer, Take Off!, GODSLAVE)

Andrew Wheeler (writer, Valentin and the Widow; writer for Comics Alliance, writer Another Castle (Oni Press))

Anthony Ruttgaizer (creator/writer, The F1rst Hero)

Megan Kearney (webcomic artist/writer, Beauty and The Beast)

James Cooper (webcomic writer, Bagged and Bored; writer/director of short films including Elijah the Prophet; writer Kickstarter for Filmmakers; writer “All Hallows Eve” for Hoax Hunters Volume 2)

Daniel Reynolds (Editor-in-Chief Same Page Team,  writer Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 , Holmes Incorporated. co-creator/co-writer Genghis Con)

Yi-Sung Oliver Ho (writer Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 1and Vol. 2, Holmes Incorporated, Low Society, and Heady Mental. co-creator/co-writer Genghis Con)

3 thoughts on “ALUMNI

  1. I have never experienced a teacher like Ty. He challenges the student to bring out their very best. He jammed so much information into me, I had to grow a second head. Without exception the most passionate and insightful Comic/story teacher on the planet.

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