Holmes Incorporated books are done as part of Fit-to-Print workshops; classes where students work together to experience working on a published book. Writers pitch ideas to the class and the editor, and one is picked for the writer to bring to full script. Artists are assigned to writers, and inkers are assigned as necessary. In class sessions are an opportunity for creators to show off their work, to get feedback, praise and criticism and, often, a well-deserved round of applause.

Participants are expected to meet set deadlines as the entire group works to produce a full anthology comic by the time of Fan Expo Canada, Canada’s biggest comic book convention, and an opportunity for creators to take their work around to show friends, editors, other creators.

All anthologies contain contact information for each creator should you wish to contact them about any opportunities.

At the moment, all three of the HOLMES INCORPORATED anthologies are available for digital download from the following sites:

Click to be taken to the “Comic Book Bootcamp” page

Holmes Incorporated, the Holmes Incorporated logo, and the likeness of the characters are ™ Ty Templeton. Each anthology was created, edited and designed by Ty Templeton. The digital anthology packages are© 2010, © 2011, and © 2012 TY TEMPLETON’S COMIC BOOK BOOTCAMP, with each story ©2010, ©2011, and ©2012 the respective creators. All rights reserved.


Created, edited and designed by Ty Templeton.

Cover:  Ty Templeton

Writers:  Greg Dunford, Kathleen Gallagher, Mike Marano, Rob Pincombe, Maddy Beaupré, Rob Oakman, Heather Emme, Pierce Desrochers-O’Sullivan.

Artists:  Christopher Yao, Eden Bachelder, Alex Greychuck, Gibson Quarter, Rachael Wells, Jeff Rusland, Adam Gorham, Pierce Desrochers-O’Sullivan, Rob Pincombe.

Inkers:  Dean Dumont, Ty Templeton, Pierce Desrochers-O’Sullivan, Jeff Longstreet

Letters:  KT Smith

Production:  Beth O’Malley

Print publication:  September 2010


Created, edited and designed by Ty Templeton

Assistant Editor:  Rob Pincombe

Cover:  art by Leonard Kirk; colours by Keiren Smith

Writers:  Rob Pincombe, James Cooper, Dino Caruso, Darius Fox, Rain Infinity, Mike Marano, Kathleen Gallagher, Yolanda Cheung, Vince Tourangeau, Sam Ruano, Marshall Geddes, Aaron Feldman

Artists:  Rob Pincombe, Daniel Wong, Pierce Desrochers-O’Sullivan, Christopher Yao, Rain Infinity, Grant Howarth, Dawnson Chen, Danny Setna, Vince Tourangeau, Gibson Quarter, Marshall Geddes, Rachael Wells

Inkers:  Kellam Templeton-Smith, Jeff Longstreet, Ty Templeton

Letters:  KT Smith

Production:  Keiren Smith

Print publication:  August 2011


Created, edited and designed by Ty Templeton

Assistant editor:  Kathleen Gallagher

Cover:  art by Adam Gorham, colours by Ty Templeton

Writers:  James Cooper, Adira Rotstein, Oliver Ho, Savannah MacIntosh, Sam Noir, Kevin “Silkcuts” Gorospe, Daniel Reynolds, Eric Houstoun, Tuhin Giri, Dylan Kloepfer, Mike Marano, Kathleen Gallagher

Artists:  Brice Hall, Eric Houstoun, Eduardo Suarez Florido, Tuhin Giri, Jeff Longstreet, Rachael Wells, Raymond Jin, Meg Kearney, Dylan Kloepfer, Savannah MacIntosh, Adira Rotstein, Christopher Yao, Marshall Geddes

Inkers:  Ty Templeton

Letters:  KT Smith

Production:  Keiren Smith

Print publication:  August 2012

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