We’ve moved!

Screenshot Capture - 2019-08-24 - 11-49-05

We’ve moved from Kensington Market/Chinatown to The Junction! Our new location is at 2770 Dundas Street West, close to both Dundas and Keele subway station and with some street parking right in front.

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Comic Book Embassy has moved with us:  that’s their setup in the photo! (They have some new tables available if you’re interested in joining our unique setup. Email kearney.meg@gmail.com for details).

And… we have a new partner in our space! When you come to the school, you’ll be greeted by The Sidekick’s new pocket location. Yep, a comic book school, a studio full of creatives AND a coffee shop with COMICS. What more could you want? No, really:  what more could you possibly need?

New classes will be starting in September… just waiting to chat with our contractors to confirm the start date. Information will be posted soon, so keep an eye on THIS site! You can also email us at comicbookbootcamp@gmail.com and we can let you know when the next classes are posted.


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