New Year and…

new plans.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are not able to continue classes at the Junction location. We are looking for a new space that will be perfect for Comic Book Bootcamp and our growing number of Bootcampers.

You can email us at and be added to an email list so we can notify you when we’ve officially moved in. As well, Ty Templeton will be posting updates and lessons on this site so check back!

November – December classes

The next set of classes for our new location! Slowly and surely, we’re polishing up our new space. Come check us out… we’ve posted the details for How to Draw the HUMAN FIGURE on Mondays, and How to MAKE Comics (aka Comic Book Bootcamp) which will be taught Wednesdays.


We’ve moved!

Screenshot Capture - 2019-08-24 - 11-49-05

We’ve moved from Kensington Market/Chinatown to The Junction! Our new location is at 2770 Dundas Street West, close to both Dundas and Keele subway station and with some street parking right in front.

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Comic Book Embassy has moved with us:  that’s their setup in the photo! (They have some new tables available if you’re interested in joining our unique setup. Email for details).

And… we have a new partner in our space! When you come to the school, you’ll be greeted by The Sidekick’s new pocket location. Yep, a comic book school, a studio full of creatives AND a coffee shop with COMICS. What more could you want? No, really:  what more could you possibly need?

New classes will be starting in September… just waiting to chat with our contractors to confirm the start date. Information will be posted soon, so keep an eye on THIS site! You can also email us at and we can let you know when the next classes are posted.


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Summer 2018!

It’s currently summerlike weather in Toronto which means we’re thinking of the months ahead and to our actual summer… Ty will be teaching two classes this summer, How to MAKE Comics and How to Design Covers. The cover design workshop is only for four weeks, and Ty only runs it every couple of years. Click the link below to see the details for the class and email us at if you’d like to sign up.

UPCOMING CLASSES:  July – August 2018

Bootcamp classes are best for those who are 16 years and up.

Latest Classes!



LOCATION:  392 Spadina Avenue Second Floor, Toronto Ontario

DATES:  TUESDAYS 7 – 10 pm May 8 – June 19 2018 (seven weeks)

FEES:  $360 + HST (Payment accepted by cash, cheque, interac/email transfer or PayPal (There will be a fee for NSF cheques). Payment is due by the end of the first class.


MATERIALS:  Bring paper or a sketchbook, pencils and erasers for drawing. Paper, sketchbook, laptop for notes. 

REGISTRATION/INQUIRIES:  email to book a space, and to make payment arrangements. Please note that spaces are limited for each class; registration is on a first-come first-reserved basis.

Visualizing the human form in three-dimensional space is one of the basic skills needed to make comics, and our bootcamp class makes this often difficult skill surprisingly easy, with a unique geometric approach to skeletal and muscular systems.  In seven weeks, you’ll understand the movement  of the elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and hands, basic human proportions, the muscle system, and balance (yes, in just seven weeks!) without needing a model to see it in your head.   Previous drawing experience is not required, we can teach this method to anyone willing to learn.

Bring lots of paper and pencils, this is a class for drawing, not for listening to lectures.



LOCATION:  392 Spadina Avenue Second Floor, Toronto Ontario

DATES:  WEDNESDAYS 7 – 10 pm May 9 – June 20 2018 (seven weeks)

FEES:  $360 + HST (Payment accepted by cash, cheque, interac/email transfer or PayPal (There will be a fee for NSF cheques). Payment is due by the end of the first class.

Because class space is limited, if you find that your schedule/plans change and you are unable to attend the class, please let us know as soon as possible so that another student can attend.

PREREQUISITESHow To Write For Comics Part One  or How To MAKE Comics

MATERIALS:  bring what you need for taking notes; laptop, paper, pencils, pens, etc.

How To Write For Comics Part One grounds the student in the rules of plot, character, dialog, scripting and storytelling forms, we step up to a master class on practical writing. The students will learn the standard applications of tropes and genres, the rules of pacing and scene work, the secrets of world building, character bibles, supporting casts, sub-plots, comedy writing, ongoing series and much more.

Like all our workshops, we’ll be creating scripts and stories in class under a deadline. This time around, we’ll expect a complete short story about half way through, and by week seven students be pitching their own original series or graphic novel to the group. Bring your brains, and have no fear.

You’ll need something to write on, paper or laptops, whatever you prefer to use, as long as you can make it legible to fellow students.

Fall/Winter 2016

Ty is not quite halfway teaching the fall classes (How to WRITE Comics Part One and How To DRAW Comics) so it’s time to put up the information for the next set. He’ll be teaching How To WRITE Comics Part Two and How to DRAW THE HUMAN FIGURE. Details here.

Because of a change in work deadlines (mostly prompted by a successful Kickstarter campaign for Oh, the Places You’ll Boldly Go!), Ty won’t be doing his long-talked about Environments course at this time. As this is a brand new class, he needs to spend time researching and writing it. We’ve blocked out part of December to give Ty the time he needs to break it down into seven weeks. At the moment he thinks it’s closer to being a twenty week course!



August class: COVER DESIGN


COVER DESIGN:  Composition and execution

PREREQUISITE:  none, although knowledge/experience of drawing is helpful.

DATE:  Wednesdays 7-10pm August 3 – August 24 2016 (four classes)

MATERIALS:  paper for drawing (loose sheets or sketchbooks), pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, paper and pens for taking notes

FEES:  $200 Payment accepted by cash, cheque, Interac transfer or PayPal (There will be a fee for NSF cheques).

REGISTRATION/INQUIRES:  email or call us at 905-822-2961 to book a space, and to make payment arrangements. Please note that spaces are limited for each class; registration is on a first-come first-reserved basis.

A cover is not simply a drawing, it’s a conversation with your potential reader.  It’s one-part advertising, one-part introduction, and a whole mess of parts involving content, composition, style, and the needs of the readers and retailers.


Arguably, the cover is the single most important element of a comic book business, and is often the most overlooked.  This new course is a greatly expanded version of the 90 minute cover lecture Ty has given in his Bootcamp Level 1, class, including elements and lessons never taught at the Bootcamp before!!