Sure summer’s not technically here for another month but the temperature is 29C outside and 35C in my house and my a/c is broken so I’m too hot to argue!

Summer (June – July 2016) classes are up. How To Write Comics Part One is almost full; if you’d like a spot let us know asap. There are still spaces available in How to MAKE Comics, Ty’s Bootcamp class which is a little bit of all the skills you need to get yourself making comics! Over seven weeks, you’ll learn to write a script, do layouts, ink, and even some basic anatomy lessons.

All the details, including dates and times are at the link HERE. You can email me at to be put on an email list and get notifications when I put the next set of classes up.





Coming up in the next session is HOW TO WRITE COMICS PART 2, and HOW TO DRAW COMICS (or how to pencil the page!)


zz layout spidey new york.jpg

From blank paper to a finished pencilled page, HOW TO DRAW COMICS takes you through each step of layout, composition, storytelling, rendering, character turnarounds, and environmental design you’ll need to create professional looking comic pages in no time.  All you need to start the course are pencils, paper and a willingness to learn.  Both beginners and skilled illustrators are welcome, and so is everyone in between.   Come learn why comics are better than films, prose novels, TV and plays.

LOCATION:  392 Spadina Avenue Second Floor, Toronto Ontario

DATES:  TUESDAYS 7 – 10pm,  April 19th- May 30th (seven weeks)

FEES:  $350 Payment accepted by cash, cheque or PayPal (There will be a fee for NSF cheques).

REGISTRATION/INQUIRIES:  email to book a space, and to make payment arrangements. Please note that spaces are limited for each class; registration is on a first-come first-reserved basis.


This course is open to any Bootcamp students who have taken EITHER of Ty’s level one writing classes (which includes HOW TO WRITE COMICS part 1, or HOW TO MAKE COMICS part 1).  Where level 1 teaches you how to write single stories, level 2 focuses on writing for longer form structures, such as continued stories, novels, screenplays, TV series, and graphic novels.  The course focuses on writing with genre, and how to create successful and commercial characters and stories.

By the end of this course, students are expected to create, pitch and write a full pilot script for a new series.  It’s a challenge, but it’s worth it.

LOCATION:  392 Spadina Avenue Second Floor, Toronto Ontario

DATES:  WEDNESDAYS 7 – 10pm, APRIL 20th-MAY 31st (seven weeks)

FEES:  $350 Payment accepted by cash, cheque or PayPal (There will be a fee for NSF cheques).

REGISTRATION/INQUIRIES:  email to book a space, and to make payment arrangements. Please note that spaces are limited for each class; registration is on a first-come first-reserved basis.


The NEW classes are on the schedule!

elbow outside


A knowledge of human anatomy is one of those skill sets that seems frustratingly complicated to learn.  But it’s not, we promise.  Here at the bootcamp, you get step by step instructions on how to build a figure from the skeleton up, with muscles, joints, posture, and body language all explained with simple geometric shapes in a way that anyone can understand, whether you’re a beginner or an artist who’s been at it for a while.   Our method of construction makes drawing sophisticated figures in motion seem like a magic trick!    CLICK HERE to sign up for classes starting FEB 23!

avengers story map


Writing is often an “invisible” skill.  It’s easy to tell when you can or can’t draw, yet difficult to know when you can or cannot write.  But plotting, dialogue, character development, story arcs, five act structures and scene work are all simple to do when you simply know what you’re doing.  Come learn the skills from a multiple award winning writer with more than thirty years in the biz of making stories and getting paid for it.  And don’t worry if you’re interested in more than comics.  Our classes appeal to novelists, screenwriters, playwrights and poets.  Writing is writing, and here’s where you’ll learn to do it like a professional.   CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR CLASSES starting FEB 24!





New year, new classes…

Hard to believe that it’s time to start planning for classes in 2016. Ty will be teaching his Comic Book Bootcamp class, How To Make Comics, for the person who just wants to get the basic grounding of the skills needed to go off and make their own comics, digital or print. For those who have been working on comics for a while and would like to improve some of their skills, the second class will be How To Ink Comics.

For those who have asked, Ty will not be at this year’s one day Toronto comic convention in December; we’ll be in Delhi, India for a comic convention there! We’re looking at the schedule and hope to plan a drop-in for December for Bootcampers, past and future, to stop by and say hello, and show off work and portfolios. When we’ve decided on a date, I’ll be posting that here and on Facebook.

As always, if you’re interested in any of the classes let us know as soon as possible as they do fill up quickly (even when they’re two months away!).


Keiren/for Ty Templeton 

Workshops Oct/Nov – Dec 2015

(updated with accurate link)

Just posted info on the next set of workshops. Currently, we’re waiting on an international comics convention to announce Ty as a guest so we have to keep quiet about it…but it’s the reason why there won’t be classes the first week of December. The missed week is noted in both class descriptions.



ADDED: How To Write Comics Part One, WEDNESDAYS 7 – 10pm September 9 – October 21 2015.

The Thursday class for How To Write Comics is now full so the Wednesday class is now a go. It will be the exact same class, same lessons, same time, just a different day.

If you’re interested in this class, check the details here:  and let us know as soon as possible; this class is already half-filled.



Learn How To Make Comics!

Just posted info on the classes for September and October; How To Make Comics (aka Comic Book Bootcamp) and How To Write Comics. Both of these classes fill up fairly quickly so if you’re interested, or know someone who is, please let us know as soon as possible so we can hold a spot for you (or them).

We’ve been approached about teaching classes in other locations and are giving that some consideration. At the moment though, Ty is sticking with his downtown location. Luckily, by September, the Pan Am Games and the resulting traffic snarls will be a long-distant memory!

Ty will have a table at FanExpo Canada September 3 – 6 2015. If you have any questions about classes, or would like to have your work assessed, he will be more than happy to talk to you.