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Too busy to think up creative titles today in the Land of Bootcamp. Trying to plan out the schedule for the next couple of months…

January-February classes started last week. There are still a couple of spaces available in HOW TO INK COMICS; if you’re interested and let us know pretty much RIGHT NOW! Ty can catch you up on what you missed last week, and you can start in on the second class this Thursday.


We had our first Bootcamp get-together a couple of months back and had a loud raucous fun gathering. Bootcamper Shane Kirshenblatt offered up his event space, BACK SPACE TORONTO, for future gatherings (until the end of April, when it closes). As it’s a much larger space, we’ve opened up the gatherings to anyone in the Toronto comics community who would like to join us. Come meet other creators, pro and just-getting-started… network, share stories, check out each other’s work. Ty will be doing portfolio reviews during this event so feel free to bring yours. Reviews will be done publicly for all to see, as watching someone else’s review can be as much of a learning experience as having your own done.


I will be hosting a twelve hour comics marathon at the BACK SPACE TORONTO (again, with much thanks to Shane Kirshenblatt for donating use of the space). The event is open to anyone who wishes to participate, but I do need to know how many chairs I’ll need (in case I have to import more) so PLEASE EMAIL ME AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU’D LIKE TO PARTICIPATE! Sorry for shouting, but I wanted to get your attention! Email me, Keiren, at You can work solo or as part of a team.

This is a relaxed easy-going gathering; come hang out, work on a comic… do an analog comic, plan a book, work on a webcomic. Work with whatever media you like; we’ve had people work digitally, with collages (soooooooo cool, Mr. Ricky Lima!), with ink-stamped letters, and more. Bring whatever materials you’d like to work with. There are some outlets in the room if you have devices which will need charging. If you’re planning to listen to music or shows whilst working, please bring headphones.

We will have a SMALL fridge available if you’d like to bring snacks. We’ll have coffee and tea available, and the neighbourhood is full of great restaurants and shops (grocery store only a couple of blocks away, Burrito Boyz just a few doors down!).

So, just email me if you’re planning to participate!

And! I’ve just posted the info on March and April’s classes, HOW TO WRITE COMICS PART ONE, and HOW TO DRAW HEADS, HANDS AND FACES. The writing class tends to fill very quickly (and I’ve had people asking about it for months) so let us know if you’d like to be in either or both of ’em.



…ENDURANCE CONTEST OF WILLS is now over and we’re in recovery mode over here!

24 hour comic day logo_header

logo designed by COMIC BOOK EMBASSY’S Brice Hall

On Saturday, January 5 2013, more than thirty creators showed up at The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery and Guerilla Printing for an event hosted by us (Comic Book Bootcamp!), and our studio-mates,Comic Book Embassy.

And So It Begins...JoePhoto

(photo by Kevin Boyd) This was from the first few minutes; people continued to stream in over that first hour. A couple turned up in the late afternoon!

Our event was inspired obviously as a take off on Scott McCloud’s 24 Hour Comic Day, which was held back on October 20. As Ty said over on ART LAND!!, at that time, we were still getting our class space organised, and there were still many comics-related events taking place, keeping a lot of creators fairly busy. So, we decided to run our own in January as a great start to the new year–a chance for one last fun holiday event before everyone is “officially” back at work and school, a chance to jump in and do the comic book you’ve always wanted to do.


(photo by Tyrone McCarthy)

I said in an email to participants,

“The original intention of Scott McCloud’s 24 Hour Comic was to win a bet with a fellow creator and show him that it was possible for a single person to make a comic, from start to finish, in a single 24 hour period. My hope for this event was a little different–I wanted everyone to find out that it was possible for ANYONE to make a comic if they wanted.”

The participants’ list for the event fluctuated quite a bit–we kept it restricted to 30 figuring people would turn up at the last minute hoping to join in. So, even though three people didn’t turn up and three more cancelled, we still ended up with 34 people participating during the entire event…although that number is low as there were some who came in throughout the 24 hours and sat down and joined in for anywhere from thirty minutes to several hours. A couple creators had to leave unexpectedly, and a few came in knowing that they wouldn’t be able to stay the entire time-period but still wanting to participate–one actually finished her 24 page comic in the first seven hours, having carefully planned it out at the beginning of the day. But all in all, we were pretty amazed to see the turnout–with creators from all across the GTA, from as far afield as Hamilton, St. Catherines, and Barrie.

Ty at 24comicjam_Joephoto

(photo by Kevin Boyd) Ty turned up to join the participants, “to show solidarity” said he. He finished pencilling and inking that day’s Bun Toon, then headed for home to digitally colour and post it.

We’re listing as many of the participants here as we can, with a link to where you can find them online. I’ll put asterisks by those who have posted their comics online. (If they post their finished comic on a different site, we’ll post that link as well.) We had originally hoped to have everyone work on the same size paper and to scan the all so we could post ALL the finished work–but the success of the event quickly put an end to that idea.

Last Stand

(photo by Darwin Santos) Many people finished their pages but left earlier. This was the crew that decided they were hanging in for the full 24 hours no matter what! Even after having finished his 24 pages AND a cover for SAD ROBOT, Chris Yao had been valiantly sketching just before time was called.

We were thrilled to host this event…and to see the comics that came out of it. I hope everyone who participated came away feeling inspired and ready to create comics–after a good night’s sleep, of course.


           **work in progress:  GIMP

Aaron Feldman (worked as a team with Rebecca Slack)Isn’t it Aaronic?

           **finished comic:  UNTITLED


            **work in progress:  UNTITLED

Adira Rotstein– Adira Rotstein

Ali Morbi (worked as a team with Shane Kirshenblatt) Morbi Design

Anthony Smerek–anthony smerek’s DEVIOUS DRAWINGS

             **finished comic: UNTITLED

Brian Evinou–Brian Evinou Comics!


            **finished comic:  TWO HAPLESS CHAPS

Christopher Yao (worked as a team with writer James Cooper)— yaoza graphics studio!

             **finished comic:  SAD ROBOT

Daniel Reynolds– THE SAME PAGE

Dylan Kloepfer– Dyl’s Blog for iPod

James Cooper (worked as a team with artist Christopher Yao)— JAMES COOPER. write. direct. create.

              **finished comic:  SAD ROBOT

Jason Roussel

              **finished comic:  My 24 Hour Comic Book (on Facebook)

(also posted on deviantART) My 24 Hour Comic Book

Jeff Longstreet–Black Dot Comics

        **finished comic: BLACK DOT ISSUE 000


Jessika Koeslag

Joe Kilmartin

Kawai Shen– cute juice comics

**finished comic:  LEGACIES

Mansoor Siddiqui

Mark Paraiso– southpaw dragon 

         **finished comic:  UNTITLED (on Facebook)

Megan Kearney– the quietly:  the secret online home of Megan Kearney

Pierce Desrochers-O’Sullivan

Rachael Wells– Rachael Wells

**Rachael joined us to work in solidarity with her fellow creators (many fellow Bootcampers/Holmes Inc. contributors), but worked on her upcoming book STEAMPUNK VIXENS. Keep an eye out for news on it’s publication.


Rain Infinity– Studio Octan

**finished comic:  ALLOY

Rebecca Slack (worked as a team with Aaron Feldman)Rebecca Slack’s Illustration

                    **finished comic:  UNTITLED

Ricky Lima– KingKRule

                    **finished comic:  HUMA AM

Rob Oakman–


                **finished comic:  THE LAST DAY

Sam Noir–

Sanya Anwar– art by sanya

 **Sanya was working on a story that she thinks will end up as a prequel of sorts to an ongoing comic. Keep an eye on her site for information about future publication.

Savannah MacIntosh– Savannah MacIntosh

Sari Kirshenblatt (Sari accompanied her husband Shane, but soon produced TWO different flipbooks which she then animated!)

Shane Kirshenblatt (worked as a team with Ali Morbi)

**Shane and Ali’s comic is being lettered, and undergoing production. When it’s available for reading, he’ll let us know!

Ty Templeton– Ty Templeton’s ART LAND!!

**Ty stopped in for a couple hours to work, in solidarity, with the creators. He pencilled/inked his Bun Toon, then went home to digitally colour and post it:  New Years Bun Toons. YAY!!

Tyrone McCarthy– Tyrone McCarthy’s ART BLOG



Me at 3am

(photo by Kevin Boyd) Me, attempting to fake consciousness while Debra Shelly does her best to keep me upright…